Sunday, July 26, 2009

Activity Days.

Annie, Macy, Sierra, Julia and Emily

Macy got to go to Activity Days Camp this week with our church. The theme was something about being a daughter of royal birth. All pink and princessy.

Macy loved going to camp, and had a great time with all her friends, and making new ones. The hardest part for Macy is that since her birthday isn't until September, she is the youngest one out of her friends. They are all 9 already, and she still has a bit to go, so she is always grouped with the younger kids, who are a year behind her in school (due to the fact that she started school in California, where the age cut-off date isn't until December).

White carpet.

There's Cooper. Looking all nice and innocent. Carpet all nice and vacuumed.
This is the before.After we've been gone a week. Notice his imprint in the center. Good times! My kids love to vacuum the stairs! Coopers hair is probably the bane of my existence!

This is what Cooper does whenever we are out of town. He sits on our stairs' landing, pretty much the whole time we are gone, so that he can watch out the front window for our return. When we get home, our nice brown carpeting, is now pretty much white, from him hibernating here. Oh, the love of a dog!

Friday, July 24, 2009

How to entertain a 5-year-old when she can't find any friends to play with...

This one is actually very cute. It's a self (and Reed) - portrait that Haley took. Pretty good, huh?
Haley's Polly Pockets, and "Monks" the Monkey

Her blanket

Our front hall. Notice all the shoes and random stuff near the front door. Drives me crazy!

Me doing some chores. Not sure why she had this one... but oh well, it's proof that I really do clean - at least sometimes!

Give her your (digital) camera and let her go to town. These are only some of the about 100 photos that she took in about 20 minutes. Totally entertained her. I have pictures of all sorts of angles of our house, I now know where all the dirty corners are, and pictures of a lot of her toys. Very interesting!

11-year-old Scout Camp

Today I got the privilege of hanging out with some of our 11-year-old's at Scout Camp. Always a lot of fun! I learned how to use a compass, how (NOT) to start a fire, and a little bit about leatherworking. Derrick is now there with Luke, for the Father/Son Campout.

Makes my heart go pitter-pat.

When a bunch of boys (our Deacons) come and wash my car. Granted, I'm "donating" money to their summer activity fund, and I gave them all popsicles, but ya still gotta love it!

Our beach.

Cottonwood Beach. Actually a part of the Columbia River. Washington on our side, Oregon on the other. Not quite the Pacific, but closer, and the kids have a lot of fun! We pack a lot of food, toys, friends, and whatever else we can think of, and head out there for a couple of hours. It's only about 20 minutes, and we always see lots of people we know there. Lots of fun!

Beach fun with some cousins!

Luke, being buried alive, by Hunter, Chad and Brandon
Playing in the sand.

Chad and Hunter catching some waves!

Reed decided that he LOVED the beach! Especially the throwing sand part!

After our day at Legoland, we spent the night at Aunt Sherri's house (thanks guys!), and then headed out to Huntington Beach with Aunt Sherri, Christopher, Brandon, Hunter and Nicole.

L'eggo my LEGO (get it?)!


Upside-down fun!

Part of my royal court.

Mummy Macy.

Luke, that's not where you're supposed to go potty!

One of Chad's favorites!

Elizabeth and Luke on the top, Macy hanging off the side
Chad, Haley and Cole in the front
Future Firefighters of America unite!

Chad and his hero, Indiana Jones!

Macy and Haley with Bob the BuilderD & Haley trying to avoid our water bombsMarti and Cole splashing around!

We also headed to one of our favorites, Legoland, with a few of our friends, Marti, Elizabeth and Cole. We had a great time there, but Chad is working on getting too old for the rides. Still LOVES all the Legos, but I think that Magic Mountain might be becoming more his speed. So sad!


Grandma's Cinnamon Rolls! Definately one of the best things ever invented, and always something promised when there are visitors!!!

"Knott" going there!

Luke and Elizabeth being silly

A Dodger Car in the parking lot

Ok, only me, Reed and Haley didn't go there, but D took Chad, Luke, Macy, and Luke's friend, Elizabeth, to Knott's Berry Farm and they had a GREAT time! And they brought me back a Funnel Cake Kit so that now I can have Funnel Cake ANY TIME I want it! Gotta love that!!!

The best part about grandma and grandpa's house...

Besides them, of course, is just hanging out there! We love to swim and play at their house and enjoy all their backyard sun!

A true hole in one!

Golfing at Grandpa's house.

This is really how you play golf. Get your ball. Carry it around for a while. Hit it, just for the sake of hitting it. Then pick it up and put it in the hole you want it to go in.

California or Bust! We're in the movies!

Bubba Gump's on Citywalk
Haley and Aunt Sherri playing in one of the fountains

Cody, friend Jack, Austin, Dakota, Macy, Luke, Hunter, Chad and Reed
in front of the big Universal sign

Nicole, Hunter, Reed, Haley and I in "Hollywood, baby"!

Shannon and I being "wimps" (as claimed by all the kids!), preparing for Jurassic Park

Luke, Aunt Sherri, Nicole, Macy and Uncle Curtis
Chad, Christopher and Brandon

Grandma Helen and Macy after Jurassic Park. Now Shannon, Grandma and I are looking pretty smart for wearing the ponchos, aren't we????

Aunt Sherri, Hunter, Chad and Austin

Hunter, Haley and Chad showing off their muscles

All of us, after dinner at Bubba Gump's

Ok, so I've been a bad blogger (AGAIN!) lately. Time to do a little catch up! We recently spent some time in Cali, so here's some pics from our trip to Universal Studios, a place that we haven't been to since Macy was a baby. Brought back memories of the Warner Bros. and Disney lots for me.