Monday, September 14, 2009

Macy’s Big Nine

On September 14th Macy celebrated the big 9. Mom and Dad got Macy out of school for an hour or so and took her to lunch at Red Robin, her favorite. She then celebrated with a bunch of her friends at a gymnastics place. It was fun… but we forgot our camera. We went a bought a disposable one but we haven’t gotten it developed yet… we take digital cameras for granted so much don’t we? We love you Macy! You Rock!!!

What a pretty cake... who made that?

Make a wish and BLOW!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Soccer Season

It’s that time of year again… SOCCER! Macy’s back again with the Tigers (previously the Tiny Tigers… I guess they aren’t so “tiny” any more) with new tiger striped socks... Tony the Tiger would be so proud. Haley’s started playing this year on the Pixie Chicks. Go get ‘em girls!

Macy in action!

Macy's team with their Tiger socks

Rylee, Savanah and Haley... The Pixie Chicks!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Roughing It

We decided to end the summer with one last hurray by going camping as a family… unfortunately so did everyone else and their mother. After finding one campsite completely full we finally found another one (at about 9pm). It was okay, but it was really close to the freeway. There’s nothing like the sound of hydraulic truck breaks to soothe you to sleep. We still had a lot of fun… and Cooper even came along.

Hangin' around the fire

Who needs to cook the hot dog?

Shannon's favorite part, S'MORES!!!

Early morning haze

Monday, September 07, 2009

The Durango Hits 100k

It seems only yesterday that we pulled it off the lot, but the Durango celebrated the big 100,000 milestone… and now it’s a blog entry.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Back to School… Groan…

Another glorious year of school started and every one of the kids is going this year! Chad started 8th grade at Skyridge Middle School (high school next year… and seminary… ha-ha); Luke started 6th grade at Skyridge; Macy and Haley are both at the brand spankin’ new Grass Valley Elementary School, Macy’s in 4th grade and Haley’s in Kindergarten. Reed has started attending one day a week at the Co-op Preschool and he’s already kicking butt. Everyone seems to enjoy school and all of them are getting awesome grades. Where did that come from? Answer: Their Mom.

Chad and Luke going to "Big Boy" school

Macy, Julia, Sierra and Alina

Haley, Savanah, Kirsten and Ava

Reed, Aaron and Thys

Reed pointing to his name