Monday, November 16, 2009

We are Tigers, Mighty, Mighty Tigers!

... everywhere we go people want to know who we are, so we tell them! We are Tigers, Mighty, Mighty Tigers!!! Macy and the other Tigers finished up their season last Saturday with a big win over the Chiefs, 8-5. Great job girls on another great season. Good luck next year!!!

2009 Tigers

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ooh, What’s That Smell?

I’m sure many of you know that Shannon has started selling Scentsy products. What’s Scentsy? Instead of having open flame candles to give your home a nice aroma, you can use warmers that use a 25 watt bulb to melt scented wax. So you get all the benefits of wonderfully smelling home without the danger of setting your house on fire. With a house full of 5 kids, 2 cats and a dog this makes me sleep much better at night. You can even leave it on while you’re away. Shannon’s doing really well at it and just found out she was the highest selling person in her network last month. She’s done a bunch of parties and even did a local craft show last weekend. So here’s the plug, if you want any, contact Shannon. Here’s her website: Your house will never smell better... our's currently smells like caramel apple cider, it makes me want to eat the walls!

Time Machine

Welcome to the time machine. I’m sure any followers of this blog (all three of you out there) have realized that the updates here have been few and far between. It’s not intentional I assure you, it’s been on the “to do list”, but what can I say, we’ve been busy. So since I’ve got a couple of minutes to spare, I’m going to go back in time a little bit and try to catch up what’s been going on since Chad went to Scout camp in August and then bridge the gap to making pineapple upside down cupcakes. After I get through all that then I’ll catch up to the present. Anyone confused? Me too, but just keep reading and ignore the man behind the curtain.