Thursday, August 17, 2006

Anyone want a house?

Well, the first official day of escrow, the buyers backed out. The husband and wife were fighting, so they decided it wasn't the right time to buy a house. Oh well. They were driving me crazy anyway! The whole process was. Not so easy to sell a house! So, if anyone needs a house, please let me know!

We spent the day yesterday at a beach in Oregon. It was so cool. Cold weather, gloomy, overcast, but the kids had a great time digging in the sand for hours and Luke of course loved going in the ocean. And then we BBQ'd on the beach and had a bonfire, with s'mores and everything! - something you can't easily do in California. Such a neat concept! It was after 9 last night when we left the beach, and we were the first in our group to leave, but we had 2 hours to drive home!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Hucks (no longer) in the Hood

Well, we're gone! After two days of driving (YUCK!!!) we made it to Washington at about midnight last night. We had a good drive though. We stopped at the new Sacramento Temple for the open house - it was really nice and we really enjoy visiting as many temples as we can. We looked all over for our nephew, Elder Huckvale, but he wasn't there, and the one Sister that I spoke with didn't know who he was. Oh well. We weren't meant to see him.

Then, on Friday we kind of went out of the way and visited the Jelly Belly Factory. It was really cool and we got to tour the factory and find out how Jelly Belly's are made. Gave me a whole new appreciation for Jelly Bellys!

Now, we're just kicking it with Bob and Susie, trying to figure out how this new temporary life of ours is going to work out. All will be well. D starts his new job on Monday and he is excited to be back at work. Believe it or not, he really enjoys what he does. He gets to play all day and come away with something he's created at the same time. Can't beat that!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Going, going, gone...

Well, today's the day! The boxes are packed, and the cars are getting packed (and the kids are still sleeping!). Just a couple more hours and we'll be outta here. Headed to Sacramento to go to the new temple open house on our way to Washington. Bittersweet really. Very happy to be moving out of Los Angeles, but sad to leave our "home"... our family, friends, the life we know. I think that I am the only one having a hard time with it though. It really hit me last night when we drove out of Grandma and Grandpa's driveway for the "last" time. Sure, we'll be back to visit, but it won't be living 15 minutes away (at least we hope not!), "let's go to grandma and grandpa's to swim", just because we can.

Still not sure if house is sold or not, but kind of past it right now. Just want to leave here, get to Washington and sleep for about a month. Just sit on the couch and not move for as long as I can. Get a pedicure (I really need one!). Enjoy some nothingness. Won't last for long though. The kids have about 3 weeks before they start new schools, and I would really like to do some fun stuff and some exploring in our new area before then. The summer has been kind of stinky, except for our fun trip at the beginning, so I'd really like to make it up to them a bit. We'll see. We might just end up at Aunt Heidi's house painting her new kitchen! :O)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


The house may be sold! Not sure yet. Someone made an offer on it yesterday, and now we're going back and forth with counter offers. Their original offer wasn't very good, so it really bugged us. Well, if it's meant to be, it's meant to be.

Still packing. The Relief Society President and one of the other women (THANKS Sister Stoll and Sister Menoitti!) came over yesterday and packed up our kitchen for us. It was so nice... I really hate to pack breakable items!! They were here for about 3 hours and did an awesome job! Only problem was, we had almost no way to make dinner last night! Everything had to be microwaved! Oh well, that's my kind of cooking!!!

Today it's back to playdates for the kids and more packing for us. Only two more days. YIKES!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Animals in the Hood

First off, a plug for BARNYARD. Go see it! It's cute, and D worked on the movie. Check the credits - under Layout Artist - Lead Layout Artist. Very exciting! I LOVE to see his name in the credits. Always makes me tear up a bit!

Anyways, haven't written in a while. Just been busy. The countdown is on for the big move. House not sold yet, keep your fingers crossed, but we all leave next Thursday with just some supplies in the cars. D's new job starts the following Monday, so we're leaving the house in the realtors hands and staying with Bob and Susie in the meantime. I'm a little, ok maybe a lot, freaked out at this new adventure, but excited as well and ready to get out of L.A. We gave our farewell talks in church last week, so now there's nothing left to do. Today all the kids have playdates scheduled with their best friends, and then we're pretty much ready to go. YIKES!!! Derrick and I went to the Los Angeles Temple last night for one final time, and now it's just clearing up the final things, and saying good-bye.