Friday, October 27, 2006

Somebody really doesn't want us to move to Washington... or just sell this house!

So on Wednesday, a week before our escrow is to close and halfway in the middle of packing up all our moving trucks, our agent calls to tell us that the buyer's loan was pulled on him. Apparently he didn't disclose that he had just recently bought another property, but the loan people found out so they cancelled his loan. Now, we are all running around like chicken's with our heads cut off trying to figure out what to do. The escrow on our new house is supposed to close the week after next. Yikes! Apparently the guy has applied for a new loan and we should know on Monday what the answer is, but everyone here is telling me that it's not likely he will get approved. So, my wish is, for everyone to keep their fingers, toes and anything else crossed and to keep us in your prayers! We love you all!!!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

California here we come!

So Derrick, Haley and I drove all day, into the night last night, and we finally made it at about 1:00 am. What a long day! Not too many stops - food and some gas - and it still took us about 15 1/2 hours, but we made it! We are currently at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Tomorrow our PODS storage containers arrive, and some friends, to start packing us up. Today we are headed over to the house to take care of some of the repairs that need to be made and meet with a plumber. I'm headed to Memories (YEAH!) and to Costco to get some really good apples! Will check in more later!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

What is "trunk or treating" you might ask?

Ok, so tonight our church had their Halloween party. There is always a chili cook-off, a costume contest, and then the favorite is the "trunk-or-treating". Trunk-or-treating is trick-or-treating thru the cars in the parking lot. All the adults open the trunks of their cars and sit in them, some even decorate and have creepy music, and then the kids run around the parking lot going from car to car, saying "trunk or treat". It's a lot of fun, and since you know everyone, you don't have to worry about the candy. The kids even got tooth paste! Could you guess that we have two dentists in our ward?

So, here's pics of the kids in their costumes. Haley, not feeling so hot, is a little grumpy Pooh Bear; Luke as a Clone Trooper, minus the helmet; Macy as Super Girl; and Chad as, of course, Anakin Skywalker. Notice the straigthened hair! Took me about an hour! See how long it is!

Dr. Susie is in the house...

Ok, so for some unknown rule, our children refuse to lose their teeth on their own. Luke recently lost his 7th tooth, the first one to come out on it's own. The other 6, pulled by the dentist. His new teeth like to grow in front of, or behind, the baby teeth, so therefore they don't push out the baby teeth. Chad, who is 10, has only lost about 8 teeth, and I would say about half of them were also pulled out by the dentist. Well Macy, who is now 6, and has yet to lose a tooth, is more curious about her wiggly teeth. So, she wiggled and wiggled her bottom two teeth, until last night, Nurse Susie yanked them out with a string. Gave me the heebie-jeebies a bit, but didn't bother her at all! And I love that I don't have the giant dentist bill to pull them out!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Force is With Us...

So, there is a museum called OMSI here in Portland. Not sure what it stands for... Oregon Museum of something. But anyways, it has a Star Wars exhibit going on right now... so of course, we had to go. We went for family night on Monday with Bob and Susie's family and all had a great time. They had original costumes and props from the movies, and different things you could try, like hydro-driving, and a movie about Robotics, narrated by none other than C3-PO. It was pretty cool. Derrick and Chad were totally in their element!

Our new digs...

Ok, so I promised to be better about this, so here I go. Here's a picture of our new house. Not a great picture, but you can totally see how cute it is! And as mentioned earlier, we are totally excited about the unfinished basement!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Hi Debbie!

So, I was talking to my friend Debbie yesterday (love The WB... not sure about The CW!) and she was mad at me because I'm not being good about blogging very often. I told her that I just don't have anything much to write, but I guess that's not true.

First off, our house in LA is still in escrow. I know it sounds funny that I am saying "still", but I'm just so excited that it might actually get sold! And, not only that, but we are in escrow on a house up here in Camas as well. That, we are very excited about! It has 4 bedrooms, a separate family room and an unfinished basement. D is really excited about the basement... and I've already planned a scrapbooking area in it - so I am excited about that! I'm going for the inspection this afternoon, so I will try to post some pictures later.

The kids are still doing great and don't have school today, so they are excited about that. And, last random bit for the day, Haley is working on being potty trained. And although we totally had to talk her into it, she is getting pretty good about it.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Keep your fingers crossed...

Well, rumor has it that we went into escrow yesterday on our house so... keep your fingers crossed! Especially since we found a house up here that we want to make an offer on! Unfortunately, the kids will have to change to another school, within the same district, unless I want to drive them to and from school every day... which hey, I've already been doing that for like 9 years, but otherwise everything will stay the same. Church, scouts, etc., so that's all good. Just giving the escrow a few days and working on getting pre-approved for a loan, and then I think we're going to make an offer, so as I said before, KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED!

Today I get to go and work in Macy's class for a few hours and I'm excited about that. I always enjoy being in the kids classes and seeing what their working on.