Wednesday, January 30, 2008


All of us in front of the house.

Wendy (one of the birthday girls), me and Liz - just being goofy!
Liz and Kris playing air guitar!
The beautiful scenery! We hoped to get snowed in... but unfortunately it didn't happen!
All of us in front of the "gathering room" fireplace
Temple, Patty (bday girl) and Wendy (other bday girl) - a bunch of us were still up at about 2:30 am (including Temple), and the bday girls were giggling in their room, so we ran in and jumped on their bed and then "steam-rollered" them. Temple got in with them because it was dang cold!
This past weekend we surprised some friends (Patty and Wendy) for their 40th birthday by kidnapping them and taking them for a girls' weekend. We had so much fun... and they had NO idea! Secret invitations were dropped off at their houses on Friday morning, just telling them to pack and be ready at 4:15 to be picked up. Then they were picked up by "top secret agents" and driven about 2 hours to a beautiful house in the woods. About 20 minutes later, the other 11 of us arrived, and they were very surprised! We spent the entire weekend being very silly! Eating lots of yummy food, playing games, telling stories, getting and giving manicures and just enjoying being together. Now we're trying to plan what to do for the next 40th birthday.

And... only one unmentionable got frozen... and it wasn't mine... but I MAY have done it... with some goading and a whole lot of peer pressure (love you Paula and Kris!)!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sledding 2008!

Me, Kris Fielding and Liz Geigenmiller
All our cute Cub Scouts - Luke on the couch all the way to the right with his arm in the air
I just thought this was cool!

Catching up on some old posts. Last Monday, we took our Cub Scouts up to Mt. Hood to go sledding for the day. This is an annual outing for our scouts, and really looked forward to... especially by the chaperones! We had a great time, and there were no major injuries, which is always good. We had 23 boys and 10 chaperones, and just hung out sledding, building forts, playing games, eating, and trying to stay warm in the scout lodge.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Our hearts are sad today.

The prophet of our church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints), President Gordon B. Hinckley, passed away last night. He has been our prophet for 13 years, and just a very sweet man. He was 97 years old, and just led an amazing and wonderful life. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family right now... but know that his sweet wife, who died a few years ago, is waiting in Heaven with open arms.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Guitar Hero.

So this Christmas, the gifts that everyone we know got were any of the following: a) a Wii (even Grandpa Fred got one!); b) a flat screen TV; or c) (if they could find it...) Guitar Hero. Well, Santa did find Guitar Hero in our household... for a very good deal, I must add. So, huge hit. Everyone loves it! The kids play it... the adults play it... extra guitars come over so they can battle... one of Luke's friends had a whole "Wii" party for his birthday, with a huge Guitar Hero battle.

Point of my story... apparently this isn't enough in our household. We have our Wii on our main floor in our TV room. Derrick decided that we needed "Rock Band" (which includes the guitar AND DRUMS AND a microphone) in the basement to play on our PS2. He figured that way we could have concerts on almost every floor of our house. Lucky me. So, he made a deal with the kids, that they could work to earn some of it and he would put up the rest. Little did we all know, he had already bought it because he could find it, so now, every floor in our house will be rockin'! Oh joy... it's my lucky day!

Monday, January 14, 2008

More pages.

4th of July
Sauvie Island Pumpkin Patch
Haley's Preschool pumpkin patch field trip
Carving Pumpkins

Ok, so here's some more for last year. I think October is done none. I've been consumed with it for some reason. Now, just have to work on the rest of the year!


Here's a pic of the sweet 9-month-old. He's battling a viral infection right now, and not a happy camper whatsoever, but here's a pic from last week. Just working on his standing up. And check out those cute teeth.

Well... she did it again...

Her handiwork...

Once Great Clips got her all evened out.

It's been almost a year since she did it last. Guess it was time, right? And the benefit this time, I wasn't pregnant. Granted, she did a much better job this time... but at least I didn't cry. Just coming to terms with her mischieviousness, I guess. Or the fact that it was just generally bugging her, so she had to do something about it. I wish she had asked me or D to help her first.
So now, we have Tinkerbell living in our house.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Guess whose 9 months old today???

Our little man, Reed. Too bad he's sleeping. Besides being 9 months old today, he's also growing 2 top teeth, and I think it's bugging him a bit. He's crawling ALL over the place! He's starting to pull himself up into a standing position. He's still just so dang cute!!!

Will take a picture of him tomorrow to blog. Love to all!

Totally caught up to date now.

When I say that, "totally caught up to date now", I don't mean that ALL is done, just that today is January 8th, so I should've done at least 8 layouts... and check me out... I'm up to 10! WooHoo! Now granted, the layout of D and I in Hawaii was done a couple of years ago at CKU-Utah (the pictures are from 2005), just never finished, so today I pulled it out and finished it... adding the journaling. Totally counts!

Monday, January 07, 2008

The new challenge...

Ok, so the challenge for January is... a scrapbook page a day ( I know that I am late sharing this challenge with you... I am also late starting my challenge... but here goes. Hopefully, this way I will be able to stay somewhat caught up on my own scrapbooking. I still haven't scrapbooked really much of anything for 2006, but I'm working on 2007 for right now. I have about 55 layouts to do (for 2007), and here are the first 4. They're really simple - just trying to get them done. That's the point... right? Almost caught up for today. I figure once I get somewhat caught up (in general), if I try to do something for myself daily, as well as for the lady I scrapbook for (Jeanne), maybe it won't be so bad. We'll see.

Just as a side note, I've also exercised today, as well as last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Not too bad! Hasn't killed me yet... almost... but not quite.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Candy Jar

Final note for today. Wanted to congratulate Savannah Allen, Haley's best friend, for winning our candy jar. She is 4-years-old, and had some help from her sister, Sierra, Macy's friend, but she guessed 440 pieces of candy, and there were 441. Let me tell you, she was very excited to be presented with a giant jar of candy. Not sure that her mom was as excited, but oh well. Funny part is, her dad is a dentist. Well, really an orthodontist... so he's ok with it. They have lots of toothbrushes and toothpaste in their house anyways, so it's all good!

Happy New Year - 2008! Make it a good one!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!! Have you sat down and thought about your "goals", "resolutions", anything? Something to work on... that might happen, might not, but at least you tried? For some reason, the year "2008" seems very lucky to me. I am very excited for this year. Don't know why, no specific reason really, it just seems very lucky. Chad will turn 12 (oh my gosh!) this year and will become a Deacon in our church. Luke will turn 10 - double digits! And Macy will turn 8 and get baptized! Haley will be leaving the nursery and heading into Primary this week with all the "big kids" and Reed will turn 1! Lots of milestones. I'm already reflecting on a year that hasn't happened yet, and just expecting a good, lucky year.

My friend, Paula, came over a bit ago. She lives on the street behind us, and we can see her house from our deck. A big, giant tree on the front lawn of the house next to hers' came crashing down this morning at about 6:30. The tree was about 100 years old, and I guess that everyone was just kind of expecting for it to fall down sooner or later. The tree was beautiful, and guys have been out there for hours with chainsaws, taking it apart - kind of makes me sad... something that has been growing for over 100 years, and within a few hours total firewood. But anyways, it crashed into a light pole, and did some damage there, but luckily, didn't hit either of their houses. Totally fell away from the houses, going right towards the street. Paula says it's their miracle, and their good sign that it's going to be a good year. I'm with her on this!

I'm being nostalgic right now. Kind of in a backwards way, but still doing it, so back to the original thought... have you come up with any goals or resolutions or whatever for this year? Mine always seem to be the same... but here goes. Just some thoughts.
  1. More date nights with D. Chad is almost 12, and is totally capable of taking care of everyone - especially if Macy does the diapers - so I would really like to go out more often with D. We really enjoy each other (STILL!), and always have a good time out together. And besides, some times it's good to see movies that aren't animated!
  2. Ok, done having babies (REALLY!). Have totally got to work on doing something about my body. Last summer, I was walking 3-4 miles every morning and was in pretty good shape, and then I did the Portland to Coast walk with some girlfriends, and it totally burned me out. Since then, I've totally had a hard time getting back into some sort of exercise routine (and I've been eating candy and treats non-stop since like Halloween). It's very dark here in the mornings (and COLD!... and rainy!), til about 7:30am, so going out and walking before the kids go to school is not really working for me. Gotta find something to do. Belong to the gym... but it's not always convenient for me. Gotta make it be... I guess.
  3. Got all ramped up about food storage at church the other day... so working on our emergency preparedness stuff. Gonna try and make our year-supply food storage a real thing.
  4. Get the basement finished. Or, how about, started? We have the money, now just gotta get a contractor and get it going. Really need to get another bedroom down there so that Reed can move out of our closet and into his own room (just as a side note, he won't be the one moving into the basement, Chad will be, and then Reed will move into his old room).
  5. Do some scrapbooking for us. I scrapbook all the time for a client, and hardly ever do anything for us. I'd like to get the kids books all organized and try to get them caught up, at least to some degree. Most of the pages are done, it's just a bit of getting it all together and looking pretty. Finishing up some things so that it all makes sense. Maybe this one can be a goal for January... then find a different scrapbooking goal for each month. That might actually be a doable thing for me. Will let you know.
  6. Still work on my cooking/preparing dinner skills. Still not a favorite, but realize that I have 6 other people I need to take care of. Gonna get a rice cooker... so I will finally cook rice the right way!
  7. Try and gain more patience with my children. My friend, Liz, who is Korean, informed me that how you spend today, New Year's Day, preludes to how your year will be, in the Korean culture. So, if you work a lot today, you will have lots of hard work in the year. If you spend lots of money today, you will have problems with debt. If you rest and relax today, you will have a relaxing year. We've worked a bit (cleaning all the silly string in the house), spent a little (went out for breakfast and bought a new ceiling fan for out bedroom), and did a bunch of relaxing, so I'm hoping to have a pretty balanced year. I told the children to try and not fight today, so that they won't fight this whole year. Sounds like a good plan, don't you think?

I think that's about it for right now. Those are pretty much the same goals I make every year, but at least I'm consistent... right? I hope that you are having a great day and are feeling pretty lucky about this year as well!

Sorry this post is so long, but I just had a lot to say today!

December 31st - HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE!!!

Playing some random card game that I'm pretty sure Heidi made up.Trying to teach some of the kids how to play Mexican Train Dominoes.Bob was walking around the house, with Haley "walking on the ceiling", singing, "Spider-Pig, Spider-Pig". K, you would totally get this if you were a Simpsons fan... and totally ignore Haley's little bottom poking out. Her pants are a bit big for her!Susie and the "AquaNauts"! Just like Josie and the Pussycats... but not! Halsey, Elyse, our niece, Annie (the one in the secret disguise - sorry Annie, if I just ruined your alter ego for you!), and Susie. Haley and Aaron, maybe enjoying the chocolate fountain a bit too much. Cooper was loving it though because they would totally drip chocolate, and he was there below them to catch it - just doing his vacuuming duty! By the end of the night, I don't know who was "chocolatier"... them or him. He had a big smudge of it right across the top of his nose.

And the silly string war begins! (Tip for next year, remember to pick up all the dog poop on the front lawn before everyone is running across it for silly string wars!)
Uncle Bob
One of our nephews, Erik
D and I with a bit of silly string on us.Haley fell asleep, but we had to put silly string on her anyway!D and Reed, the next morning. We found one can left, with a bit of silly string in it, and gave it to Haley so that she could attack. She got them and then went after Luke while he was sleeping.

Happy New Year's Eve everyone! Did you all have a good night? We did! We had a bunch of friends and family over, ate lots of yummy food, played lots of games (and only "cheated" at some of them!), sang karoake, watched movies, (some of us took naps,) and just had a good time in general. At midnight, we rang in the New Year with sparkling cider, glow necklaces, and lots and lots of silly string - a Huckvale family tradition! I hope that you all had a good, safe time as well. Whether out at a party, or already sleeping away, as you welcomed in the New Year... I hope that it was good for you!

December 30th - still building...

Off to church. Last 9:00am meeting for the year. 1:00pm next year. Not sure which is better. 9:00 is good because then you have the rest of the day to rest and play after church. However, bad because nobody wants to get up and ready... and Reed wants to take a nap. 1:00 is good because then you have the whole morning to rest and play, however, bad because you get busy doing other stuff in the morning, so then don't want to stop what you're doing to get ready for church... and Reed wants to take a nap.

So anyways, still building the new bedroom furniture. Got the dresser done, not gotta make the bed and the drawers. Will post when all is done.

Also, total surprise snow storm today. When we went to church it was cold and rainy (all the rain had already melted all the snow from the other day), but by the time we came out it was still cold but very sunny. Went home, and then after a bit the sky started getting very gray. Total hard hail started to fall, and then the next thing we know, snowing, and the ground was covered. Very strange. It was neat though. From nothing, to total winter wonderland in like 15 minutes. We went out, had a snowball fight, built a very little snowman, and then went back inside, very cold. By the end of the day, already melting away.

December 29th - Ikea!

I LOVE Ikea! D's brother, Bob, and his wife, Susie, went to Ikea today and he really didn't like it. Was like, "ok, I've seen enough... now how do I get out?" Ok, I totally understand this, because I pretty much feel the same way about Winco (a grocery-type store here), but still... Ikea? Love it! So anyways, my Uncle Billy (Hi! Billy!!!) sent D and I some Christmas money and we decided to spend a little bit of it on some new bedroom furniture. The furniture that we currently have is from when Chad was born, so about 11 years, and it was just time for some replacements. Off to Ikea we went. There is some black furniture there that we had looked at before, and it was finally time to get it. We got a new bed, dresser and chest of drawers. Nightstands and big mirror, out of stock, so will have to get those later... but still, so exciting. Oh, and we got a new cheese grater too! Now, just gotta get it all built - that's D's job! - and then we'll be good to go!

December 28th - California Friends... Open Invitations!

Today the kids and I went and met D for lunch (after all... he did go to work at least one day this week!). Then, later in the day, one of his friends that he worked with at Omation on "Barnyard" came to visit. Ira, his wife, Kristy, and their daughter, Grace. They live in Dana Point (CA), but have family up here in Portland, so they were here for the holiday. It was nice to be able to see them and meet their little girl. She's very cute! They are our first California friends to visit. We've had lots of family, but it's neat to have some of our friends see where we live now. So, with that said, now the rest of you have to visit. K?

December 27th - SNOW DAY!!!

Gotta love it! Waking up to beautiful snow! Not living in it... all the time... but every so often? It's beautiful, lovely, and makes for a fun day. Talked D into staying home from work (really not that hard), and we all just hung out, having fun, being a family. Gotta love it!

(January 1st, 2008) - CATCHING UP!!!

Ok, so before I officially ring in the new year, gotta do a bit of catching up for the old year... so here goes!