Friday, April 13, 2007

Random thoughts for Friday...

  • I've already lost 21 pounds! Amazing! I'm even wearing some pre-pregnancy pants! So exciting! As long as they can go below the belly (belly is still pretty swollen), all is well! He, He, He!

  • Grandma Paula and Uncle Billy are coming tomorrow! It's their first time here and we are very excited to see them! Hopefully Grandma Paula can make some sense out of all the bulbs that are growing all over our yard!

  • We LOVE baby Reed! He is just so cute and so sweet! We are so happy to have his sweet spirit in our family! And the kids are loving him! Macy has turned into the best babysitter ever - and she's only 6. Not like we leave them alone or anything. But I can be in other parts of the house and leave him in her care and she is just all over him.

  • Derrick is finishing painting the entryway - something I started when we first moved in. Our entryway is two stories high, so I painted as high as I could go and now he is finishing it. It's really nice to get some of the projects done around here. Now all we have left to paint are the kids' bedrooms, our bathroom, and the dining room - but we're really not too sure what room that is - it might become my scrapbook room/office. Then there's always finishing off the basement. I hope that will be our summer project.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Easter Surprise

Well, we're done! (Sorry we didn't post earlier - for some reason we couldn't get onto our blog space the whole time we were in the hospital.) We got an early Easter delivery of baby Reed (Derrick Reed Huckvale), who decided to beat the Easter Bunny for arrival. He showed up Easter morning at 8:28 am (still by C-Section, just unplanned), weighing in at a whopping 9 pounds, 8 ounces. Really don't know where I was hiding him! He's very sweet and has a head full of red hair - also don't know where that came from. All of our other kids have been bald! And his is like a dark reddish-auburn! Auburn? Don't they know we have blonde kids? We are loving him, trying to adjust to having a baby in the house again, and the kids are all over him!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Almost done...

3 more days to go... not like I'm counting or anything! The car seat is in the car, D has almost figured out the new camera, the Easter Bunny is kind of ready to come on Sunday, and Chad and Luke have taught Grandma how to bowl on the Wii (there is a championship going on right now!). Life is good at our house (especially once my feet are back to their normal size!). Now, if only we could pick out a name.

Happy Easter everyone!!!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Other people do care...

So D went out yesterday and bought me a new camera - some high-falutin' Nikon that I now have to figure out how to use. I'm excited about it! I love cameras! But it's big, and has lots of buttons and knobs and stuff, and you have to actually look thru the view thingy to see what you're taking a picture of. It's an SLR camera (still not too sure what that means... even though D told me), so more to figure out, but I'm excited!

And yes, Ira, I did paint the bathroom (well, most of it!) blue yesterday - 9+ months pregnant! And it went ok. I've done a lot of painting while pregnant... if you consider that we moved into this very white house while I was already pregnant.... and I'm not such a fan of very white houses. Consider it my form of nesting! Doctor said it was ok as long as I was in well-ventilated areas. Thanks for the love Ira! Appreciate it!!! :O)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Some people just don't care...

So, as mentioned in a previous post, Haley broke my camera back in the beginning of March. I sent it to Canon, to get fixed, thinking that I was doing the right thing. It said it would take 7-10 business days and they would send it back all better. So, it's now been about a month, and they still have my camera. I just called them, and they were like, "oh, we had to order a part from overseas and we don't know when it will come in...". I'm like, "I'm having a baby next week, and now don't have a camera. Anything you can do for me?" They tell me that they can refund the money that I've already paid ($137.03) for my "fixed" camera, and then pay to get the next camera, an upgrade ($175) which really isn't a bad idea, except that they won't even mail it out to me for 3-5 business days. Do they not care that I'm having a baby in 5 days? Apparently not! I asked them if they could email me a voucher or something so that I could just go out and buy the upgraded camera, and they're like, "no, we don't have that capability". So now, I'm camera-less. I will have a camera... just not too sure where it's going to come from. Just wanted to vent a bit! Have to go and paint a bathroom now before my energy completely wears out! Grandma Helen is coming tomorrow and we are excited to see her!