Thursday, May 07, 2009

Freezer issues.

So one of the yucky parts of our trip (besides the fact that I had to make the 15-hour drive home by myself, without D, who stayed in Cali another week for a job) was coming home to find that for some reason, our deep freezer in our garage was turned off. The power got shut off, and I couldn't get it back on. I spent most of Monday and Tuesday cooking 10 pounds of chicken and lots of other meat trying to save it all. I did have to throw out some stuff, but luckily it mostly packaged food that didn't cost too much.

I am very thankful to have LOTS of friends who own crock pots and are willing to share them... and to a wonderful Home Teacher who picks up and delivers crock pots to me (without me even asking him too - THANKS JOHN!)!

Happy Birthday Haley!!!

It also happened to be Haley's birthday while we were there - the day after D's! (That's what I gave him for his 34th birthday after all!) Haley turned the big 5!!! Crazy!!! I can't believe she is that big! At 5, Haley loves her ballet class; she is going to start Kindergarten in the Fall; she loves being Reed's big sister and trying to take care of him; she loves her friends and always wants people to play with; she is VERY girly, and loves anything having to do with girly; she is smart and stubborn, and sometimes we have to catch her on it; she is a great helper, when she wants to be, and only when she wants to be, but we are working on that. We are very thankful to have Haley be a part of our family and wouldn't trade her for anything - not even a pony!!!

Lego-Size me.

After California Adventure, we wandered Downtown Disney for a while. Luke took this cute picture of Reed, just hanging out in one of the giant Legos in front of the Lego store.

Our California Adventure.

We had a great time at California Adventure. D worked at Disney when this park first open, and we got to go to an employee grand opening event, and I remember that both of us were not impressed. We had small kids at the time - just Chad and Luke - and there was really nothing there that they could do. What a difference a couple of years have made! We all had a great time!!! Sure... there are rides the little ones can't, or don't want to, go on... but there were still LOTS of things for them to do! They especially love all the shows... and the highlight for Reed was probably getting to "meet" Lightning McQueen and Mater - two of his all-time favorites!!!

Happy Birthday D!

Can you tell they were "womb-mates"?

Lots of birthdays for us lately! It appears that all of our birthdays (with the exception of Macy) take place in the Spring - early summer. Birthdays start May 4th (Luke), then continue on to get me, Reed, D and Haley, ending June 24th with Chad. Crazy!

Anyways, while we were in L.A., we got to celebrate D's birthday! We were able to go to California Adventure on his birthday, and while we were there I called his twin sister (it was her birthday too, ya know!) and kiddingly asked her if she was on her way to Disneyland (they only live about an hour away), and SHE WAS!!! Crazy!!! I was totally kidding! So her and D got to spend some of their 39th birthday together! They said it's been years since they spent their birthdays together - I think maybe on their 25th was the last time. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY D & SHAM!!!! Love you both very, very much and hope that you both had a superriffic day!!!